Privacy Policy
Muachrat Company, established in 2022, delivers insightful financial analysis. We blend clarity with depth, using tailored fundamental and technical analysis to empower you to make informed investment decisions.
  • (Terms of the Privacy Policy) means the method of data collection and the way in which the personal information of users is protected, and this policy is very important.
  • Wherever mentioned (Customer/Customers) in this Agreement, means anyone who creates an account for him on the Muachrat platform with the intention of benefiting from the services available therein.
  • Muachrat platform does not mean any personal information of a specific person, but personal information is collected from those wishing to use the Muachrat platform, including but not limited to requesting and providing services, browsing,or contacting our customer service team by phone or e-mail, and providing the customer with his personal information is his consent to process this information in accordance with the terms and conditions of the privacy policy.
  • The terms of the privacy policy or part of it may be amended at any time, and the amended version will be published on the platform, and the amended version of the (privacy policy) will be effective after a week from the date of its publication, and after a week from the date of its publication on the platform, your continued use of the platform is considered your commitment to the terms and conditions contained in the amended version of the privacy policy, and your satisfaction in applying the amendments to your personal data that you have provided to us.
  • By using the platform, you agree to the terms of the privacy policy, and the privacy policy is a legally binding agreement, and if any new features or tools are added to our services, you will also be subject to this policy.
  • The Indicator platform saves your personal information, and will be used and disclosed in accordance with what is permitted by laws, laws and regulations.
  • Muachrat will always ask for your consent before using your personal information for purposes other than those described in the Privacy Policy.
Customer Information:
  • The Muachrat platform collects some information such as: the customer's name, address, e-mail address, mobile phone number, general information about thecustomer and his professional record, and his bank account data, and the platform's need for this information is for the purpose of enabling him to benefit from the platform's services, including but not limited to verifying the customer's identity, contacting him, issuing invoices, etc.
  • When the customer requests a service through the Muachrat platform, he will be asked to provide the platform with his personal name and may be asked if needed for his number, identity information and date of birth, in order to monitor fraud and risks and comply with the legal and regulatory requirements in force as stipulated by the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The customer acknowledgesgranting the platform indicators access to the connection service in his phone, and access to his camera, photo library, files and microphone to upload the required documents in order to be able to benefit from the platform's services better.
  • By usingthe Muachrat platform, the customer agrees to grant the platform the authority to know the customer's location using the map service in his phone or device to allow the platform to provide services to the fullest.
  • The Indicators Platform collects information related to the services provided and performance measurement, including information about customer activity such as how to use the platform's services, how the customer interacts with others,etc.
  • We collect device-specific information when you install the Platform, including information such as device type, operating system information, browser information, IP address, mobile network information including phone number and device IDs, and collect device location information if the customer grantsaccess to their location.
Information for platform visitors and support users:
  • When any person (customer/visitor) visits the platform or installs it on his device , we collect information about the name, email address, device information, operating system, browser you use, network connection, IP address, mobile network information including phone number and device identifiers, and we collect device location information if you have granted the customer access to his location, and the platform may receive Also personal information when sending support requests or other requests to the platform, and the platform also collects chat text from chat support users.
  • The platform collects some information such as phone number and call recording from phone support users, in order to measure performance and raise the level of quality.
  • The platform collects this information when visiting any person (customer / visitor) of the platform or when communicating with employees or officials in the platform, whether by e-mail, web, instant messaging or phone, and we also collect any additional information that the customer may provide to the platform, and the platform uses this information to improve its services and answer any questions that any person (customer / visitor) may have.
Information from cookies and similar tracking technology:
  • Cookies are sent to the customer's or visitor's devicefrom a website and stored on their device, and we assign a different cookie to each device that connects to the platform.
  • The platform uses cookies to identifythe customer's or visitor's device and provide him with personalized services, and to display personalized advertisements from Google or other parties.
  • The Platform may useautomated tracking techniques and methods on the Platform while making communications with the customer or visitor or while using the Platform, in order to measure performance and improve services.
  • The platform analyzes and uses the information it has to evaluate and improve its services, research and development, test new services and features, conduct troubleshooting activities, and also uses customer or visitor information to respond to them and inform them when they connect to the platform.
Sharing personal information with third parties:
  • The platform may resort to sharing the customer's or visitor's personal information with another party in order to help develop and improve the platform's servicesand fix problems.
  • The platform may be required in some circumstances by government or judicial authorities to share information with them or with a third party to verify legal claims, to meet national security requirements, to enforce judicial rulings, or others.
  • The platform may share personal information with a third party to investigate or take action on suspected illegal or fraudulent activities or situations involving potential threats to the safety of any person, or in cases of violations of theterms of the terms and conditions agreement or privacy policy or as required by laws and regulations.
  • The platform may also share personal information with future owners of the platform, whether by merger or total or partial acquisition.
  • The Platform may use the customer or visitor information collected to market and advertise our services, and we may provide this information we collect to other companies to market their products or services.
General Provisions:
  • Upon termination of the relationship between the platform and the customer or visitor, the platform will continue to store archived copies of your information and the information of legal services provided to you for commercial purposes and for our compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Upon termination of the relationship between the Platform and the customer or visitor, the Platform will continue to store anonymous information such as website visits without identifiers to improve our services.
  • The platform keeps customer or visitor information securely by following standards in information security management to protect sensitive information such as financial information and details of any other personal information, and the platform's information security systems are applied to people, processes and information technology systems on the basis of risk management, and a qualified third party to manage and audit payment methods and mechanisms.
  • We assurethe platformthat no online transmission method or electronic storage method is 100% secure, so the platform cannotguarantee the absolute security of customer or visitor information.
  • Thecustomercan retain and access all their personal information and transaction history information at any time, and we grant them limited permissions from their account settings to allow them to correct, modify, delete or limit the use of their personal information.
  • The customer's deletion or restriction of the use of his personal information may result in disabling the satisfactory use of the platform's services.
  • The customer acknowledges his knowledge and consent to the platform recording voice calls made through the platform, and storing the content of the legal services provided and the subsequent attachments.
  • The platform has the right to use the contents of the legal services and the subsequent attachments and voice calls for any purpose it deems appropriate without defamation or offending the customer or visitor.
  • The customer acknowledgesthe eligibility of the platform to use everything stated in the privacy policy, and what happens to it.
  • If the platform notifies the customer through the means of communication registered in the platform of any notice to benefit from private information or any other information, the continuation of the use of the platform or failure to respond to the notice within a period of 3 days is considered acceptance and approval of the content of the notice, and the recipient of the notice has no right to object to what is stated in the notice in the future, and is committed to its content.